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- Furloughed from her job, she's now the 'Lasagna Lady'

    > - World   - mis en cache le 7 July 2020 - 01:02
When Michelle Brenner lost her job because of the pandemic, she decided to use her extra time and a family lasagna recipe to create a free food movement in her Washington community.

- Prominent researcher of jihadi groups shot dead in Baghdad

    > - World   - mis en cache le 6 July 2020 - 23:33
A prominent Iraqi expert on jihadi groups in the Middle East, including ISIS, was shot dead by unknown gunmen late Monday in front of his home in central Baghdad, media director of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Maan, told CNN.

- Prince Harry and Meghan say UK must right past 'wrongs'

    > - World   - mis en cache le 6 July 2020 - 22:02
Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, have encouraged Britain to reckon with its colonial past, highlighting the "wrongs" of its historic involvement in the countries that now make up the Commonwealth.

- Japan debuts new faster, safer bullet train

    > - World   - mis en cache le 6 July 2020 - 19:02
Japan's latest record-breaking bullet train doesn't only run faster and smoother -- it's also able to transport passengers to safety in the event of an earthquake.

- The tragic allure of Alaska's 'Into the Wild' bus

    > - World   - mis en cache le 6 July 2020 - 19:02
Fairbanks Bus 142. Probably you've read about it, seen its replica on a movie screen, or recognize one of its headier nicknames.

- How laundry is spilling plastics into the ocean

    > - World   - mis en cache le 6 July 2020 - 19:02
Off the coast of Cullercoats, in northeast England, researchers Max Kelly and Priscilla Carrillo-Barragan send a long tubular net into the depths of the North Sea.
For the past five years, American designer Tommy Hilfiger has been producing lavish fashion shows and touring them around the world -- an unusual approach, when most designers only participate in one city's fashion week. His desire to think outside the box isn't new. In 1999 he famously took over Madison Square Garden to present his collection, years before Kanye West did the same.
Janis Shinwari is celebrating his first Fourth of July as a US citizen.
Over Independence Day Weekend, 80 artists asked Americans to look up at the skies. Throughout July 3 and 4, messages related to immigration were written at 10,000 feet by World War II military planes, sky-typed over 80 sites related to the country's network of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities, immigration courts, and the southern border. The idea was to bring attention to these facilities, which may not be familiar to many Americans.

- Tesla stock topped $1,200. Here's how it could hit $2,000

    > - World   - mis en cache le 6 July 2020 - 10:05
Tesla's stock soared 26% during the holiday-shortened week, topping $1,000, $1,100 and $1,200 in the process. Tesla is now worth more than most blue chip firms in the S&P 500.


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