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The co-principal investigator of a study that assessed the ability of an Apple Watch app to detect atrial fibrillation discusses the findings with John Mandrola, MD. on Medscape

- Woman in China nearly dies after injecting herself with fruit juice

    > BBC News | Health   - mis en cache le 19 March 2019 - 19:43
The woman in China suffered liver, kidney, heart and lung damage and spent days in intensive care.
Patients who visit a chiropractor for low-back and neck pain are less likely to receive prescription opioids than their counterparts who go to other healthcare providers, new research suggests.
Medscape Medical News

- Medicinal cannabis: 'patients still in limbo'

    > BBC News | Health   - mis en cache le 19 March 2019 - 19:14
It could take years for patients to get medicinal cannabis on the NHS, a parliamentary committee has heard.
Moderate levels of resistance training should be encouraged to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, US findings suggest, although conversely, high-strength training may negate the effect.
Medscape Medical News
The chemical is found in paint strippers. Stores like Lowe's and Walmart have stopped selling products containing it, but environmental advocates say workers should be protected too.
WebMD Health News

- Majorca in drive to rein in boozy tourists

    > BBC News | Health   - mis en cache le 19 March 2019 - 15:43
Tourist haunts that run drink promotions face fines in the resort city of Palma, as do rowdy visitors.
The prospective trial, which used objectively measured movement, found that the performance of regular household tasks was associated with significant reductions in cardiovascular risk.
Medscape Medical News
A network meta-analysis suggests behavioral therapy may be as good as medication for treating urinary incontinence in women; the results confirm international guidelines.
Medscape Medical News

- Cancers : 1,4 million de décès attendus cette année dans l'UE

    > by Jean Michel Gradt   - mis en cache le 19 March 2019 - 10:50
Une étude publiée dans la revue « Annals of Oncology » conclut à un recul de la mortalité, en pourcentage de la population, depuis 2014. En données absolues, le nombre de décès dus à des cancers continue d'augmenter.


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